I want to make the best out of Summer with my kids this year! Before having kids I never thought I would get the winter blues. But let me tell you, it really is a thing!  I have been cooped up in our home with the struggle of the cold weather and promised myself I will make Summer super fun for not only my kids but also myself.  

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One of the best ways I am accomplishing that goal is by making time to have fun outdoors. I’ve shared before what keeps my 1 year old toddler entertained outdoors. And here is how we all enjoy it a little more. It can be a bit messy but very much worth it. I decided to do picnics in our backyard. I love a good delicious fruit tray. I found everything I needed from Walmart and with the Walmart + membership I didn’t even need to leave my house. I got everything delivered straight to our door for free including fresh groceries ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.). It has saved me so much valuable and precious time as well as money. It has made my life a little easier. And when we take the outdoor play to the park I also save on gas! Walmart+ is all about saving customer time and money and you can now save up to 10¢ per gallon at Exxon and Mobil gas stations, and at select Walmart and Murphy gas stations (Fuel discount varies by location & station, subject to change). Just sign into you Walmart+ account in the Walmart app, follow the instructions, select your grade and begin fueling.

Do yourself a favor and get the Walmart+ membership. It has changed my life in the way it leaves more room in our schedule to include fun time outdoors with the family. You can sign up here. Try an outdoor picnic with your kiddos and see how much fun it can be. You need to fill up your cup with joy too. 


Muchos besos,

Belinda Selene 


Finding fun ways to spend more time outside with young kids doesn't have to be hard. Here are a few activities to get the wiggles and giggles out of your toddler. 
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I was able to create some fun entertainment for my young toddler in our backyard with just a few items that I picked up in my latest trip to Target. I found this really cool Spinning Seas Water Table from Little Tikes. Benji had a blast splashing and playing with all of the spinning attachments. It's a great way to include a sensory activity to keep them busy for longer than 10 minutes ha ha if you know what I mean. He loved splashing the water around and practiced scooping and pouring water using fine motor skills. He also really rotating the little carousel. Kids love playing in the water and this is a fun way to keep them safe and entertained for a while. 

Another one of our favorite finds were these bubble machines. We all love bubbles, even us as adults and this was a great way to let him run off some energy as he tried to catch all of the bubbles in the air. I was very impressed with how many bubbles came out of this little gadget and the battery power was great to keep the fun going. We were all laughing at how silly Benji loved chasing them. 


If you live in the midwest, I'm sure you are tired of being cooped up inside the house and want to take advantage of the nice weather that will be here to stay for the season. Take advantage and have fun in your own backyard. With my second baby, Lui being only 8 months I know it can be a challenge to get both kids under two in the car and to the park. But with these fun toys we can have tons of fun for hours. Here are a few more fun ways to have fun. 

Muchos Besos,
Belinda Selene 


 Here are two  fun Easter Charcuterie board ideas for your next event. I love times when we can gather with family and celebrate special moments together. Food always brings family together and this is what I will be making this year. 

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I put this together really fast with the convenience of not having to leave my house and getting everything delivered straight to my door for free. I placed my order on the Walmart App. I also have the Walmart+ Membership which makes it easy to get everything I need just in time for any event including fresh groceries and more at the same low price as in-store. It’s honestly the best! You can order again and again with no delivery fees ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.). I recommend you sign up. Join today click here. With a 30-day free trial. After the trial, a Walmart+ membership is $12.95 per month or $98 per year. 

There are many more benefits as well like;

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I am almost done with my holiday shopping and just waiting for Black Friday to finish. I’ve put together two gift guides for you. One is for toddlers who are Benji’s age and the second is a gift guide for the men in your life. I honestly feel like they are the hardest to shop for. I am taking full advantage of my Walmart+ membership You can too! Sign up Walmart+ here

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Give the gift that keeps on giving. Signing up for Walmart+ has tremendously helped out our family this past year. I love the convenience of shopping for groceries, diapers, wipes, baby items, and household essentials online and getting it delivered straight to our home with unlimited free delivery ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.). For me, that means I don’t need to strap in my two babies in the car in this cold weather if not necessary. Now this season I’ll be checking off my Christmas gift shopping too. You can also make someone’s life a little easier by gifting the Walmart+ membership this holiday season. Any Mom will be sure to thank you for it.  You can sign up for Walmart+ here


There are many benefits for signing up for Walmart+


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Can you spot one of Benji’s Christmas presents? He loves cars and can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it. Who is left on your shopping list? 


Muchos besos,

Belinda Selene


I am in full nesting mode and getting every room in our home ready for baby #2. We are currently working on our bedroom where we will be spending most of our time. When we had Benji last year, I slept (hardly), ate, and breastfed around the clock. The room we used the most was our bedroom. We made sure to stock everything we needed while I recovered from birth and it was the best decision we made. Let me share with you some things that made our lives as new parents much easier. Babies can be very expensive and things add up quickly. When you shop at Walmart you have the option of splitting up your purchases in monthly payments by clicking on Affirm at checkout. We are making sure to stick to our budget and I’ll tell you how we take full advantage of using Affirm.


The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is so true! We all need an extra pair of hands and lots of caffeine to keep things running in our household as new parents! I’m going to share with you what has helped me as a new Mama bear. 


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Being a Mom has always been my biggest dream and I get to live that dream everyday with our little miracle. But, it’s not always easy to get everything done in a day. Here are a few things that have helped me. 


One of my biggest tips is to take the help when offered. We all need an extra pair of hands to get things done around home or if you work from home. The newborn stage is tiresome to say the least. Ricardo and I had our moms come over every other day and we would both sleep after nursing little Benji. We both had a chance to rest while grandma bonded with baby. Once Benjamin was about a month old we were able to start a better routine as he was sleeping longer at night. Don’t worry new mama you will get to sleep again soon. 

What has also helped me tremendously is getting our house essentials, baby items, and groceries all delivered to our home. It’s one less thing to have to worry about and do. I enjoy staying home more often and this has truly helped us. I joined the Walmart + Membership! There are so many benefits to joining and my favorite are the unlimited deliveries straight to my home. ($35 minimum order, restrictions apply). The membership is $12.95/month or $98 for the year- and it pays for itself in just two deliveries a month (based on the $7.95 delivery fee)! You also enjoy member prices on fuel, and use the mobile scan & go feature in the Walmart app for streamlined in-store shopping!

I was really shocked at just how often we had to change diapers and you don’t want to run out last minute. It’s so nice that we can get them delivered as soon as the same day with the Walmart + Membership. Some of my must-haves in the morning is a cup of joe. I got my favorite coffee delivered. This one is my favorite because it’s a cold brew which eliminates extra steps to get the perfect iced coffee. I like to add a french vanilla creamer. Having our diapers delivered also takes the stress out of running out. 


Since I am breastfeeding I always look for food that will help keep my supply up and often make oatmeal smoothies in the morning to have with my breakfast. I didn’t have time to make a big breakfast but smoothies are fast and simple to make. As a new mom my priorities were taking care of my baby, eating, and sleeping. Everything else could wait, including house work. What helped you as a mom with a Newborn baby? Tell me below. 


Muchos besos,

Belinda Selene 


Right now the Sephora Spring Savings Event is going on and I am ready! I love shopping around this time because it means I can stock up on some of my favorite products for a great price. As an insider you can get 10%-20% in savings until 4/29. I have had my eye on replenishing my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks and picked up four different shades.


This year I went all out for Christmas decorations. There are currently five trees in my house! Can you tell how much I love it? I turned my office in a Pink Nutcracker Theme with the cutest little tree and ballerinas everywhere.


I love long hair on me and don’t want to sacrifice length just because I have damaged split ends. I have been very patient letting it grow out but needed to find a way to manage it. This is how I have managed my hair with just two products.