New Cute Case For My Planner

Hi Loves! I have a new haul to share with you guys. This will be a lot easier to find, since they are at big chain stores. I am mostly excited about this cosmetic bag that perfectly fits a lot more pens and fun sticky notes than necessary. Everyone from the Facebook group, "We Love EC", have been raving about how amazing it is. So of course I caved and got it too. It's incredibly cute and better quality than the one I currently have my goodies in. 

I am not sure if this is new or not, but Joann Fabrics has a dollar spot with a bunch of fun sticky notes and washi tape. Wait, whaaaaat? (my minion voice). Yes, that's right! To make this even more exciting I got all of these for 40% off since they are currently having an amazing sale this week. 

The stickers have really thick glitter on them and it doesn't come off if they touch something. Which is great because I'm sure you don't have glitter all over you hands or planner. 

I got all of this at Target today. My favorite mascara had to make it in here too, ha ha, I ran out. I wish this exact bag came in different patterns, but I don't mind this one. The birds and colors really stand out and I absolutely love it. I had to hunt this one down in three different Targets. Good luck trying to find it at your local Target. 

There was also another cosmetic bag I considered getting from Orla Kiely. These are limited edition. I fell in love with the colors. If you can't find the birds patter, I would also recommend this one. I'll make it easier for you and link it here!

I apologize for not having this download in my last planner video, "How I Stay Organized: Inside My Erin Condren Life Planner". Here is the Etsy seller who has the different menu print outs. I'm excited to print and laminate next month's menu and add it to my planner. Yup, I'm a planner nerd!

muchos besos,
Belinda Selene


  1. these are realy great ^^ i wish i have them but they dont sell them here at my country T_T

  2. i wish those kind of sticky notes and washi tapes can be sold in our country too.......